Hydraulic Pump Drives

Hydraulic Pump Drives and Gearbox Applications

Custom Gearboxes

Spur, helical, worm, or planetary

Provided with or without hydraulics

Designed to customer's application

Pump centers (6"-8"-10.5")

Engine & clutch housings (SAE 1-2-3)

Clutches (SP111-SP211-SP114-SP214)

Drive plates (10-11.5-14-18)

Shaft inputs (keyed, splined, flanged)

Ratios (over 50% more than competitors)

SAE pump pads (A-F)

Types of inputs (shaft, plate, clutch, torsional)

Fully sealed (O-Ring between housings, no thru holes)

All fittings SAE O-Ring Boss

Improved gearbox lubrication options


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