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With Power Transfer Solutions, you're teaming up with a company that knows the industry. We don't think of you as just another customer, instead, we take the time to learn your operation so that you have an end product that is specific to your needs. There's no cutting corners here - we pride ourselves in offering solutions that will give you a return on your investment for years to come and with safety in mind.


Our excellent engineering design & support are available on all products. We use SolidWorks for engineering design and models are available for your design review. Our gear engineering is conducted with Kissoft and complete gear evaluation is available for review.

Customized products to suit your operation

Cost effective and durable materials

One-on-one support to identify your needs

Experience and dedication to quality goods

No-hassle sales staff

Fast and easy delivery


Your company is unique which is why we offer customized solutions specifically designed with you in mind.


No job is too big or too small. We have a proven record of customer service excellence and quality assurance.


We offer a variety of applications that combine superior materials with the  latest power transfer technology.

Gears are our specialty...Solutions are our product.


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Gears are our specialty...Solutions are our product.